Justin Bieber Face Tattoo in Honor of New Wife Hailey Baldwin

It seems that nothing quite says these days like a face tattoo, and the new age of artists and celebrities are all about putting forth just how much they mean what they say – and do.

Well, we wouldn’t expect Justin Bieber, one of the very foremost artists on today’s music scene to be left behind the curve.    He’s doing it somewhat differently from the recent crop of Soundcloud artists that seem to have brought about the face tattoo craze including the likes of Takeshi 6ix 9ine, Post Malone, Lil Pump, and the like.

 Bieber matching tattoo Hailey Baldwin

As all true Bieliebers would expect, a Justin Bieber face tattoo would be all about love.   Hot on the heels of his much publicized romance with Hailey Baldwin, one of the youngest members of the much- revered Baldwin Hollywood line, Bieber went and got himself a tattoo right above his right eye.

What it says – a mystery to the highly curious public up to now. Even though the tattoo itself is in such a prominent location, the design itself is extremely delicate and hard to decipher.

Apparently, he and Hailey each got matching tattoos, the significance of which we can only hope to discover with time. The location of Hailey’s tattoo remains a secret.   The man behind the tattoos themselves, tattoo artist Bang Bang, whose real name is Keith McCurdy, says the mystery is intentional, and that he won’t be giving up any clues to the mystery anytime soon or where, exactly they had the inking done.       

Bieber's Tattoo History     

All Bieberholics will remember that he has a history of plastering tributes to the women in his life on his body. Who can forget the uproar that the entirety of worldwide Bieberdom was engulfed in when he went and got a tattoo of then sweetheart Selena Gomez emblazoned on his forearm. The dalliance with fellow pop star Selena didn’t go the distance, but Bieber seems to have his eyes set on the long-haul when it comes to Hailey.  

Wedding to Hailey Baldwin    

Back in September, the pair took their marriage vows in what was reportedly a low-key ceremony at a low-profile courthouse, promising each other a lifetime of love and companionship. They had only announced their engagement two months previously, but who’s to say what time is the right time to put a ring on it. If you know, you know, right?

What can we say about all this except to wish the seemingly head-over-heels Bieber and his new beau Hailey all the best as they navigate what seems to be an all but impossible celebrity marriage.   Bieber was little less than absolutely gushing in his Instagram posts regarding their relationship, promising before the entirety of his massive fandom and the world at large that he was prepared to lead their family on the path towards the future with integrity, honor, and with Jesus as their ultimate guide.

He says Hailey is nothing less than the love of his life, and we can only wish them all the best in the days ahead. We will be watching to see just how Bieber navigates this latest chapter of his life under the sometimes unsettling glare and influence of Hollywood and celebrity life.

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